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Multiplatform Journalism- Final Assignment

Oscars widen field to include 10 Best Picture nominees

In a move that surprised many, the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences (AMPAS) have announced a major change for the 2010 ceremony. Instead of the usual 5 Best Picture nominee format, there will be 10 Best Picture nominees. Sid Ganis, president of AMPAS, made the announcement.

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10 Best Picture Nominees- one film fan's humble opinion

Back in June, the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences (also known as AMPAS) decided that instead of the usual 5 Best Picture nominees, the 2010 Academy Awards ceremony would have 10 Best Picture nominees. Not since the 1940's have there been 10 Best Picture nominees. Some people like this idea, but many are, not surprisingly, skeptical about this. How can there be 10 Best Picture nominees, but only 5 director nominees? Will this mean more mainstream films can a nomination? And, more importantly, will there even be 10 movies worthy of a Best Picture nomination?

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Shopping Post!

I was in dire need of new shirts. I have tons of bottoms, lots of dresses, but absolutely no tops what so ever. So when I got paid on Friday, I went shopping and got some new tops from American Eagle. They're so pretty I want to show you guys. Here they are:

All together, I spent $109. All totally worth it.


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